My Wedding


This page contains pictures of some of my friends.  These pictures are in no particular order.

On the left is my former Residence Assistant at DePauw, Chris.
In the middle is Karen who lived on my floor at DePauw
On the right is Mike, who lived in College Street Hall when I was a freshman, and also lived on my floor my senior year at DePauw.

I am in the top left corner
On the bottom left is my good friend Ryan
On the middle right is my good friend Tomicah

This is an old picture of my with my girlfriend (now wife) Angela

This is my friend Jeremy.  He also lives in the Denver area and has been my friend for many years.

This is Jared, he is the founder of Deep Fried Software, and was my Semi-roomate my senior year of college.

This is Keoki.  He is camera shy, so it was lucky for me that I got this good picture of him.  He lived on the same floor as I did all four years of college (except the semester that I did an Internship at Microsoft)  He is from Hawaii, and Keoki translated to English means George.  He has a Masters degree in physics from William and Mary, and will be getting a Phd in Computer Science, so that means that he is one really smart guy.  I have no idea why I wrote so much more about him than anyone else.  I guess he is lucky too :)

This is my friend Jason from high school.  He is working at IBM in Boulder Colorado, and has an amazing music collection. (not to mention that he is a really cool guy.)

If anyone seeing this page is a friend of mine, and wants their picture up, just email me with a picture and I can put it up.


2000 Nathan Pitzer