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 Server Watch 3.5.8
  Server Watch allows you to monitor and administer many of todays and yesterdays most popular game servers. Server Watch 3.5 brings the installer package up to date with all the new plugins we've released, adds new features and fixes a few issues. You can see the changelist for a full list of revisions.

Server Watch can either be purchased or run for free as Adware. The Adware version does not track personal information or usage more than is stored in a weblog. We do not use third party spyware to deliver the ads. The purchase version does not track personal information more than is necessary to accurately validate serial numbers. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Server Watch 3.5.8:
Uninstall any previous versions first. No preferences will be lost, you will not need to revalidate purchase.

Full 3.5.7 Download Installer:

Full 3.5.8 Upgrade Executable:
dfsoftware.com Replace ServerWatch.exe after installing 3.5.7 in Program Files/Deep Fried Software/Server Watch

Problems Revalidating Your Purchase???
Try updating the validation software from esellerate.net. We are no longer actively supporting Server Watch, but you should be able to revalidate the software using the package at this link. If you continue to have problems, send us a message through the contact page.

New and Updated Plugins

 Server Watch Plugin SDK 1.0
Online Documentation
Current Release
Full SDK Download
Current Release

 Ultimate VU (Mac)
HTTP: (Currently shipping with MACAST) UVU 1.1.1

 Ultimate VU (Win)

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